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Posted in life by burnthesebones on 12/09/2009

Indeed…it’s the same old story: once again I am going insane…completely inundated with finals, work, drowning under loads of paperwork and the hassles of moving (appx. 7,500 miles away from New York! more on that soon…)

In the mean time, here’s my new favorite piece of jewelry: the infamous Delfina Delettrez ruby skeleton hand bracelet. The movable joints are the best part, obviously!

Not mine to keep, sadly. But there are a bunch of new purchases I want to share when time allows!

EDIT: Almost forgot about this Zara skirt from a while back.

Even though I quite like them, I almost never wear skirts, out of sheer laziness- usually running late/ too tired in the morning to put on tights or look for the right top to go with.

But there’s something so easy and irresistibly appealing about the tulip silhouette and drape of this skirt! Paired with an AA sheer burnout circle scarf draped over a Rick Owens tunic.



Posted in themes by burnthesebones on 06/12/2009

I’m really into simplicity, comfort, and ease. I also like to obscure myself under big hoods, scarves and huge swaths of material and shut out everything. Though this most likely attracts more attention than anything else.


Ridiculously cool fur-lined hood by Bless.




My ideal garment fitting this type would be a soft, thick and fluffy “body bag” hoodie…a hoodie that zips all the way up over the face.

Yes, Rick Owens Drkshdw line has one, but I’m not such a big fan of how it looks/fits:



So in the mean time, I’ll just wait until someone else catches on.

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Posted in revisitation by burnthesebones on 04/15/2009



Rick Owens M&Ms..hahaha.

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