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chapel of the chimes

Posted in revisitation by burnthesebones on 01/22/2009

When I first discovered Obesity & Speed, I literally experienced an adrenaline rush after poring through all the images on their site.

There was really nothing like it at the time , yet I felt like what they produced was everything I wanted but couldn’t easily find: intricate screenprints of skulls, ribcages, daggers, inverted crosses , draped and braided jersey dresses.




(You can tell there’s a theme going on here. Somehow, I’ve always been attracted to death and occult related imagery as long as their properly detailed. My friends know exactly what I like..I’m predictable but consistent.)

Unfortunately,it was pretty hard to find at the time so I missed out. Now though, If O&S ever reproduced any of it..

But I know that they’ll keep on progressing and churning out awesome designs.

I remember searching the name constantly for more details, but information was quite limited back then. How things have changed!


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