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a perfect circle

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Logan’s Run (1976) vs. Yohji Yamamoto F/W 09


just a splash

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“What masters of the techniques of living can the youth of today find represented for them cinematically or televisually? Have they anywhere to turn, or has the generalized proletarianisation of production and consumption resulted in a net loss of meaning, information, knowledge, and technique, such that there is no longer anywhere once can find the reasons for living, that is, the will to live, replaced everywhere by idiocy and stupefaction, engendering passivity, misery, immiseration, and fury?”

David Ross, The Cinematic Condition of the Politico-Philosophical Future

It’s already been established that I’m just plain bad at updating, but this statement encapsulates how I feel about…everything right now. But this isn’t the place to dump my ennui, so moving on…

I was quite drawn to the pops of red in these pieces:

Helmut Lang S/S 2010 features several pieces with this sinisterly beautiful print reminiscent of a large blood stains: not a freshly spilled crimson, but an oxidized rust.

I absolutely love the poppy and twig prints seen on these silk pieces from the Brian Reyes Resort 2010 collection. Can’t tell if they are illustrations or digitally rendered from a photograph, but they are gorgeous regardless!

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the future perfect

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My efforts to expand into horizons beyond the color black haven’t exactly been going so well (more on that in another entry) but here is one of those attempts:



Everything is from the summer clearance section of Zara (as you might be able to tell from the dressing room!) except the lambs fur vest which is current season, and the SSWTR shoes.

I really love the vest, though I feel rather pompous when wearing it, perhaps due to its voluminosity? Hopefully that’s something I’ll get over soon.

The awesome collages that Yui at A Slowboat to Mediocrity created are also providing inspiration on ways to wear vest casually… here is are some examples, and do go check the rest out on her site!



Her outfits have a streetwear inflected vibe, which is a bit of departure for me- though I definitely would make an exception for one of Mishka‘s eyeball sweatshirts!


Continuing the quest to diversify and lighten up the wardrobe , I’ve looked towards Julius’ S/S 2010 c0llection as a point of reference.




Trying to move away from that singular asymmetrical draping effect that’s so prominent now, and towards something more soft and…Grecian? The use of drapery has somehow become heavily associated with the dark and “edgy” and tormented, which is all and well but I’d like to challenge myself challenge to take this sartorial motif that I enjoy so much and turn it around…we’ll see how this transition goes..in due time of course!

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I’m really into simplicity, comfort, and ease. I also like to obscure myself under big hoods, scarves and huge swaths of material and shut out everything. Though this most likely attracts more attention than anything else.


Ridiculously cool fur-lined hood by Bless.




My ideal garment fitting this type would be a soft, thick and fluffy “body bag” hoodie…a hoodie that zips all the way up over the face.

Yes, Rick Owens Drkshdw line has one, but I’m not such a big fan of how it looks/fits:



So in the mean time, I’ll just wait until someone else catches on.

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Could someone please buy these, so that I won’t be tempted to?

Trying to buy less “novelty” items in order and save money for a good pair boots or a jacket, something useful and timeless, but it’s proving to be really hard.

1523431-rescaledpic-375x500 1523435-rescaledpic-375x500

C-NEEON, available at Tres Bien Shop.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise:



KTZ, via Shop Fatal.


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avian accents

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About that “little project” I mentioned back during spring break-

Honestly, the idea was in place before I even saw that Undercover coat on Jak&Jil..


Soon after, while browsing around at Eryn Brinie , spotted this:



My plan was centered around a pair of wings. However, I wanted to make the entire garment myself. Despite sewing lessons from my skeptically amused mother and several days of practice, I was too scared to even cut the fabric- didn’t want to ruin the $10 worth of material that I hadcarefully selected. And that is why I have a pile of sequins and some really nice dove-grey silk chiffon still lying around…

Hopefully I can pick up where I left off once school’s over. So much work…such a short attention span!!

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the burden of reflecting

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(via Google image search)



via Die Junge

It would be hard-pressed for Jun Takahashi produce anything less than thrilling. I especially loved the presentation of Undercover’s fall/winter ’09 collection- the pieces of shattered mirror on the ground are a great mystical touch, without being obvious and melodramatic, in the way that mirrors are often conceptually presented.




It reminded me of Emma Cook’s fall 2006 collection, which incorporated plenty of mirrored appliques.

My own prom dress came from this collection. The amount of attention paid to detail is one of the reasons why I love Emma Cook so very much.




The dress was even featured in Lula magazine!

“Once Upon a Time” via tFs.





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I tend to revisit certain things over and over again. Call it beating a dead horse? I call it being obsessed.

As in, right now I am obsessed with jewelry featuring eyes.





This Victorian era “protective eye” hinged gilded bangle with glass stone details is perfect..and can be yours for the bargain price of $575.00


true blood

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Pardon the hiatus, I’m working hard to resume posting on a regular basis..

Vampires have been an integral part of our cultural landscape for a while now, whether through film, TV or literature, and lately I’ve noticed how certain components of their mythos have been popping up in fashion.

While Ann-Sofie Back’s fall 2009 collection was not specifically inspired by vampires, it took direction from the campy dregs of Americana found in B horror movies (Stephen King’s Carrie in particular).

I’m glad that someone attempted create a collection encapsulating teen ennui, without resorting once again to misappropriating youth subculture.

Young, innocence waiting to be corrupted: collegiate jackets, poufy white dresses

img019_runway img010_runway

Adolescent rage (the most powerful kind): the shredded and slashed offerings


Dreamlike mysticism: dangling dreamcatchers


The violence of the garments are tempered by the tongue in cheek attitude of pieces like the intarsia knit sweaters, and those amazing sunglasses.

img015_runway img025_runway

It’s the ghastly visages, bruised lips and sunken, startling pale and bloodshot eyes that immediately bring to mind the creatures of the night

Complementary accessories:


Antti Asplund’s hilarious blood bag and perspex cross necklaces, which I discovered via SixSixSick.


Delfina Delettrez’s stunning mouth…piece (?) crafted out of precious gems.


To top it all off, how about some of Karen Walker’s protective eyewear?


Ann-Sofie Back’s aviators shaped like dripping blood are killing me in the best way possible:


I’ve always been entranced by the image of the vampire- if I were milky pale, lithe and somber enough, you can be sure I would be accentuating those those features.

In the mean time, us mortals can achieve the look on the exterior. But that last thing we want is a literal interpretation, a costume. Aim for subtly unsettling accents that will make the person standing next to you blink and take a second glance instead of roll their eyes.

gallery of gallows

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