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dead like me

Posted in backstage, life by burnthesebones on 09/22/2009

Hell week is finally over (for me, at least) and now it will be a jolly old time recovering and trying to catch up on my readings and assignments for school. Should admit that I’ve barely checked out out any of the collections but from what little that’s been seen so far…not too compelled to look any further. I’m not quite twenty years old yet, and have nearly NO stamina at all- even fainted at one point during the week..whether due to malnutrition or lack of sleep, not sure?

Sadly these are the very few images I have to share (time to invest in a pocket sized camera or learn to be quicker with the phone).

Taken at the Rodarte show (that was some trip, let me tell you…)


The uber-brilliant stylist Panos Yiapanis wearing Givenchy tartan breeches, and Courtney Love (lol) sporting a Rodarte cobweb knit cardigan!

Close-up of the Givenchy courtesy of Jak and Jil.


This is an awful picture, but I loved this woman’s outfit. The pairing of the soft candy pink cardigan with the long floral print dress and the infamous Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandals is so unexpected and striking but it works so well! She also had a washed gray bucket bag with domed studs on the bottom (Alexander Wang?) slung over her shoulder that complemented the ensemble perfectly.

And I just spotted this on Style.com via Jak and Jil (once again):


The constantly inspirational Taylor Tomasi. Can’t get enough of her. I’ve never considered those plum Ann Demeulemeester sandals even after seeing them in the flesh, until now…

And this has nothing to do with the rest of this entry but for those who watched the VMA awards and caught Lady Gaga’s epic performance:


The bloodied outfit, put on display in a Plexiglass vitrine the next day for her admirers to enjoy…

Be on the lookout for a fashion week giveaway to be posted in the next few days!


treble in trouble

Posted in backstage, life by burnthesebones on 09/09/2009

As fashion week approaches, it becomes critical time for the many bloggers, who put their new-found determination of legitimacy and industry relevance to the test. Looking forwards to seeing your coverage of this hectic time!

Especially since I won’t be able to extensively cover the madness on here. And I won’t even have time to look at the collections until it’s all over.

I’ve already been helping out with the production efforts of several highly anticipated events or the past few weeks. Going straight from class to the office everyday with little time or energy for anything else, so this week will be chaotic/stressful x 100 and my most highly anticipated event will be a good night’s sleep.

Will be heading “underground” while others enjoy themselves observe the hustle and bustle of it all from a spectator’s point of view…I’m envious of this perspective, which I haven’t really experienced yet- I’ve always worked behind the scenes and can’t seem to break away from that. Sometimes I really have a crisis and ask, “What am I doing with my life and why should I give the slightest modicum of concern for these smug, self-entitled people?” and “I’d rather be dead than here!” But in the end, it can be quite fulfilling to proudly look back to something you worked hard on and put so much time and energy into.


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Back on the Grind

Posted in backstage, life, review by burnthesebones on 08/22/2009

Look who’s back….the hiatus from blogging was necessary as I was feeling frazzled, uninspired and overwhelmed by the pressure of keeping up with the ~blogosphere~ (typing out that word makes me cringe so hard).

Especially at a time where everything supposedly new and exciting just seem like unecessary additions to an already over-saturated and homogeneous market. It seems like a lot of these new young brands pop up solely to target bloggers and their often young readerships with renditions of the same white-hot trends over and over again and have no viable plans for sustaining their labels. When people allow themselves to be pandered to so easily, why not? It might be too early to tell, but I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of unfortunate flame-outs in the not so distant future.

And the homogeneity doesn’t just end there. Everything is simply “sooo killer”, wicked, extreme and hardcore 2 the max these days, it seems. Nice Cramps and Misfits shirts, I wonder if much of the populace in question have ever listened to a single song of theirs before. (Personally, I’m not a fan and think it’s absolutely heinous to wear a shirt of a band that you know nothing about in earnest.) Dressing in a certain style is one thing, but you shouldn’t really have to change your whole persona to fit the look and get the “cred”.

Wondering if I should even bother trying to catch up and read the backlog posts? It might be impossible at this point, haha.



( Vogue Paris via tFS)

On a more positive note, start saving your pennies for +J, Uniqlo’s line created in conjunction with Jil Sander.

It’s not just hype!! I was beyond fortunate enough to assist on the shoot for the campaign and scrutinize every single piece in the line. None of the images released so far do any justice to the collection!

There are THE best wool coats, razor sharp trousers, blazers, shirts, super soft cardigans and so on. The quality and fits are goooood. Personally, I’m looking to pick up one of the blazers and a coat, so you can be sure I’ll be there bright and early when it’s released in October, obligations be damned!

And the campaign is really beautiful too…wonder when the rest if it will come out?

Shot by David Sims and styled by Joe McKenna, longtime Jil Sander collaborator- he used to style her campaigns and shows when she still had ownership of her namesake brand, so he definitely knows what he’s doing. I was a bit dubious of the choice to use Isabeli Fontana for this at first, but it just shows how very little I know about such marketing matters… she looks great and really showcases how elegant and impeccable the clothes are.


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Just three for to tide you over for now…

Mark Walsh Leslie Chin for Rodarte eyeball jewelry!


Marlene McCarty // V Gallery Project featuring Anja Rubik



More illustrations, plus a great article on the project, here.

And click for a pretty little backstage video from the show, by Tim Zaragoza.


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Jump-starting the fashion week festivities, tonight’s opening featured the photography of the venerable Paul Rowland (founder of Supreme and Women agencies). As such, the gallery was swarming with models, and nearly overwhelming with stimulating visuals.

I only had the chance to take a few awful photos with my Blackberry.

++EDIT 2/14: I added new photos (see more at Supreme Being).

Hanne Gaby Odiele with the androgyne Iris Strubegger.


Daiane Conterato, Kasia Struss, Hanne again, and Toni Garrn.


Alana Zimmer


Meghan Collison


And Cecilia Mendez- what happened?? She used to be one of my favorites…


When I spotted a girl wearing this all Phi (sadly, an immensely underrated label) fall ’08 outfit, I just had to take a shot of it.


The same look on the runway, as worn by Natasha Poly (I was jabbed in the leg by the spike heels of her deadly YSL Tributes):

And finally:


Amid a sea of models and industry movers and shakers wearing the most coveted Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Margiela, Chanel, etc. pieces of the season, this girl’s outfit stood out for its daring mixture of proportion, shape and texture.

She is wearing Acne silk harem-esque trousers, an Acne sheer dust-grey blouse with raw edges, a gorgeous softly draped suede motorcycle jacket also by Acne, and black suede cut-out Opening Ceremony wedges.

Click here for more details on the Transformations exhibit.

sweet love for planet earth

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Rodarte’s Spring/Summer ’09 show was undoubtedly a top highlight of fashion week this past September.

Once again, the collection referred to a bewildering pastiche of inspirations, including land art, a decaying post-apocalyptic vision of the future earth, robots and androids, electrical wiring, and human anatomy.



The Mulleavy sisters possess the uncanny ability to take seeming arbitrary influences and from them, produce stunning yet cohesive collections, in which the references are never made too obvious.

The show’s production values were impeccable (thanks in part to the esteemed Bureau Batek), starting right off with the invitations.

Upon seeing it, I was puzzled. Then I held the plastic sheet to the light- there was faint trace of a ribcage.



it was printed on old X-ray negative film! It certainly made me excited about what was to come. Looking back, the printed medium gave the perfect hint about one of the prominent themes: human anatomical and skeletal structure, as seen in the slashed tops.

Credits: Autumn DeWilde

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a look back

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Here are some photos that I took at the S/S ’07 Anna Sui show. These are memorable because it’s a record of my first ~real interaction with fashion.

I was a bit starstruck at the time- this dates back to high school. I remember being more fascinated by the models than the actual clothes.

bette-franke annsuiagyness

annsuihilaryrhoda gemmaprep1



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