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Posted in themes by burnthesebones on 11/17/2009

“What masters of the techniques of living can the youth of today find represented for them cinematically or televisually? Have they anywhere to turn, or has the generalized proletarianisation of production and consumption resulted in a net loss of meaning, information, knowledge, and technique, such that there is no longer anywhere once can find the reasons for living, that is, the will to live, replaced everywhere by idiocy and stupefaction, engendering passivity, misery, immiseration, and fury?”

David Ross, The Cinematic Condition of the Politico-Philosophical Future

It’s already been established that I’m just plain bad at updating, but this statement encapsulates how I feel about…everything right now. But this isn’t the place to dump my ennui, so moving on…

I was quite drawn to the pops of red in these pieces:

Helmut Lang S/S 2010 features several pieces with this sinisterly beautiful print reminiscent of a large blood stains: not a freshly spilled crimson, but an oxidized rust.

I absolutely love the poppy and twig prints seen on these silk pieces from the Brian Reyes Resort 2010 collection. Can’t tell if they are illustrations or digitally rendered from a photograph, but they are gorgeous regardless!

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