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epic fail

Posted in review by burnthesebones on 05/05/2009

Breaking self-imposed blog ban to clear my head a bit.

I’m still fuming over Alaia’s glaring ommission from the Costume Institute’s Model As Muse exhibit, considering that Alaia’s working history practically defined that special relationship between designer and model. His pieces should have been presented up front and center. Here we see the politics of dueling continental curatorial sensibilities in action. I’m really surprised that someone as respected and sensitive as Harold Koda would provide such a weak response about this. Once again, Anna Wintour’s commercial interests and stagnant, decidedly pedestrian taste dictates the agenda, lauding the likes of Justin Timberlake/ William Rast instead. Maybe this is just bitterness speaking as I won’t get a chance to examine Alaia’s works up close now!

Now, back to work…40 pages to write by next week then I’m free!

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