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youth without you

Posted in life by burnthesebones on 04/20/2009

I’m so behind in life right now thanks to this pile of tedious assignments.

With that said, let me share some exciting news- I’m assisting a stylist whose work I admire most fanatically!




With fringe/border and youth subcultures being a major focus of my studies, and a long standing interest in menswear and the evolution of Japanese street fashion, this couldn’t be a better arrangement.

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Posted in revisitation by burnthesebones on 04/15/2009



Rick Owens M&Ms..hahaha.

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avian accents

Posted in themes by burnthesebones on 04/15/2009

About that “little project” I mentioned back during spring break-

Honestly, the idea was in place before I even saw that Undercover coat on Jak&Jil..


Soon after, while browsing around at Eryn Brinie , spotted this:



My plan was centered around a pair of wings. However, I wanted to make the entire garment myself. Despite sewing lessons from my skeptically amused mother and several days of practice, I was too scared to even cut the fabric- didn’t want to ruin the $10 worth of material that I hadcarefully selected. And that is why I have a pile of sequins and some really nice dove-grey silk chiffon still lying around…

Hopefully I can pick up where I left off once school’s over. So much work…such a short attention span!!

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Posted in review by burnthesebones on 04/06/2009

Aoi Kotsuhiroi

I was recently introduced to the stunning, atmospheric works of Aoi Kotsuhiroi…I’ll let the images do the talking.




These creations are painstakingly constructed out of materials such as human hair, semi-precious stones, lacquer, and “pit-fired porcelain”.

Clearly, these correspond well with the resurgence of hair used as adornment, whether on clothes or accessories. These bring to mind Victorian mourning jewelry.

Please take a look at the website for more pieces, as well as some gorgeous photography.

**All images courtesy of Aoi Kotsuhiroi

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top of the shops

Posted in review by burnthesebones on 04/06/2009

Yes, I too ventured into Topshop on opening day. The long line around the blog was a bit absurd but I was too curious to check out the offerings..

I definitely winced at the prices- as of now they are higher than the actual exchange rate-. The store was overwhelming- loud blasting music, and so many styles of clothing and not enough eyes to examine them all..I felt quite dazed at one point.

However, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Tiffany of Six Six Sick ! She was so warm and amiable, despite my social ineptitude. We commiserated over footwear….

Speaking of, they had the Unique shoes I’ve wanted forever. They didn’t have my size, so sad!



I found a motorcycle jacket that would be perfect for spring, made out of a sheer silky grey material.



Yes, those are the Pierre Hardy x Gap sandals. Didn’t get the jacket as I am on a self-imposed ban from buying any more jackets.

Ended up with this simple and soft tank dress with side darts. It might go back..


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the burden of reflecting

Posted in editorials, themes by burnthesebones on 04/02/2009


(via Google image search)



via Die Junge

It would be hard-pressed for Jun Takahashi produce anything less than thrilling. I especially loved the presentation of Undercover’s fall/winter ’09 collection- the pieces of shattered mirror on the ground are a great mystical touch, without being obvious and melodramatic, in the way that mirrors are often conceptually presented.




It reminded me of Emma Cook’s fall 2006 collection, which incorporated plenty of mirrored appliques.

My own prom dress came from this collection. The amount of attention paid to detail is one of the reasons why I love Emma Cook so very much.




The dress was even featured in Lula magazine!

“Once Upon a Time” via tFs.




jagged edge

Posted in review by burnthesebones on 04/01/2009

Although the exploding label Meadham Kirchhoff incorporates plenty of elements that I tend to enjoy in their designs (sheer galore, sharp tailoring) I find myself ambivalent about their collections (for example, their jeans are way too over-designed). Still, I like these:





I’m a sucker for anything with a sweetheart neckline! Available here.


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revelations in a rut

Posted in Uncategorized by burnthesebones on 04/01/2009

I never realized that maintaining this blog would come with a nagging sense of obligation.
That is to say, an overabundance of ideas and and not enough time/energy to expand on them or to reciprocate comments for others…it’s enough to make one feel guilty.

Obviously, the internet is a priceless resource for the transfer and sharing of ideas, what could be a better example of its communicative effects than the entire~fashion blogosphere~. Of course, it’s great that it allows people open their minds and discover new interests, references, and styles, etc etc but as a result, everything is moving at such a fast pace. Discovery, then assimilation of a certain style spreads like wildfire, then burns out just as quickly, so that there is no longevity to the creative. I don’t like the pressure of keeping up with it all, I want to stick with what I like and discover things organically, for the most part.

This may be elitist, but I’m just angry at all these people namedropping certain beloved designers of mine. There is a level of conceit to this…I just want them to stay pure, and remain under the radar from those who only want to jump on a celebrity trend bandwagon and otherwise have no appreciation for it. Whoever said that money can’t buy taste…is wrong.

After hearing her speak, I laughed and have to say…it’s a damn shame about Dree Hemingway. She seems like a nice girl, but is really not living up to the legacy of her famous name- what would she be without it?

Just wanted to get all this off my mind- after thinking about it quite a bit for the past few weeks, I am starting to question whether I really want to work in this industry (for a variety of reasons). The internships I’ve had, as must as I’ve enjoyed them, have only led to deductions from a list of careers of possible interest. Law school looks to be an increasingly promising option..