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old scars die hard

Posted in revisitation by burnthesebones on 04/14/2010


Bittersweet, isn’t it?

Via: A Shaded View On Fashion

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Second Life

Posted in review by burnthesebones on 04/13/2010

Anne-Sofie Back presented its A/W 2010 collection in Shanghai last week with a runway show. I was surprised to hear about such a directional label choosing to show in Shanghai, which despite its cosmopolitan status, still has a long way to go in developing its fashion industry and catching up with Hong Kong. Still, I was happy to hear of such a familiar and well-loved name making a presence in my home away from home.

Both pieces from the more basic/separates-heavy Back by Ann-Sofie Back line and the main line were presented. I was particularly taken with the sheer flowing dresses (as per usual); and it was good to see that the slashing and shredding techniques seen in her A/W 2009 collection were still in play here. The loose, drapey fabrics prominently featured in collection, which was inspired by Second Life can be seen as a metaphorical interpretation of the perpetually in-flux and pre-assembled appearances, identities and lives of the Second Life characters. For example, many pieces (like the dress seen above) had design features that exaggerated the musculature of the human body, in correlation with Second Life characters’ often over-enhanced, big-muscled and large-breasted avatars.

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The Long Road Home

Posted in life by burnthesebones on 04/07/2010

Hi all…

Sorry for not updating- I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I moved from New York to Shanghai for study abroad.

It’s been pretty crazy indeed…starting a new life in China takes some getting used to, and I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. I definitely suffered from culture shock the first few weeks. Which manifested itself not only emotionally, but physically. (I was sick and bedridden for a whole month!)

I feel very behind on fashion- most blog hosting sites (Blogspot, WordPress, etc.) are banned in China, which makes it a pain and at times impossible to keep up with it all. At the same time, this restriction has been quite liberating.

For once, I feel truly liberated from socially-driven aesthetic obligations, of the nagging urge to post about stuff only because I’ll fall behind if I can’t keep up with what’s new. It’s funny what a change of location can accomplish..

I was worried about feeling uninspired and there being a lack of cool stuff to write about in Shanghai but I just might be proved wrong.

Coming up:

-Shanghai is hosting the “Swedish Fashion – Exploring a New Identity” exhibit this spring, featuring Ann-Sofie Back, Burfitt, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and other favorites. I will attend and report back!

-There are tons of wholesale fashion markets here and beyond the obvious fake designer bags, I’ve spotted fake Vivienne Westwood, Ann Demeulemeester, Margiela, Limi Feu, Yohji, etc. It’s hilarious and I must admit I have been tempted…will try to take some stealth snaps.

-As for the real stuff, I’ve checked out the very well curated Hong Kong based I.T. (so much Fall Comme!) and the Joyce Warehouse outlet where I spotted Lanvin neon leopard print purses and bejeweled necklaces, killer Rick Owens heels and fin wedges and slinky RO tops, crystal encrusted Ann Demeulemeester, gigantic Givenchy Nightingale totes, and racks of Dries Van Noten (including those amazing beaded sandals) Number (N)ine’s last collection, and many other to-die-for pieces, all marked down. Sadly, even with the discounts, I haven’t broken down and indulged. Taxes on luxury import items in China are ridiculously high.

-I’ve been pretty good, and really haven’t bought anything worth noting. Trying to be responsible and save funds for the ultimate shopping city…Tokyo! I’m going there in July, and already have a huge list of spots to hit up. I’ll post about that next time.

Hang in there, dear readers- I truly appreciate all those who take the time to visit and read this blog!

walking on sunshine

Posted in life by burnthesebones on 12/11/2009

Today I stopped by the highly anticipated Opening Ceremony sample sale with somewhat low expectations….and hit the footwear jackpot.

I left with 3 pairs of shoes that I’ve wanted for ages, but were out of my budget, even on clearance. They were marked down to only $50 from the original retail price of approximately $450 per pair.

These will be the perfect everyday shoes for when spring comes around.

I’m tempted to dye these oxford heels black, but the brownish/burgundy color is so warm and rich…what to do??

These wedges are so lightweight and comfortable, and I’ve wanted a pair of beige/nude shoes for a while now.

Having humongous feet came in handy for once!

If you’re in New York, stop by the sale, the highlight of which is definitely the shoe selection.

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same old story

Posted in life by burnthesebones on 12/09/2009

Indeed…it’s the same old story: once again I am going insane…completely inundated with finals, work, drowning under loads of paperwork and the hassles of moving (appx. 7,500 miles away from New York! more on that soon…)

In the mean time, here’s my new favorite piece of jewelry: the infamous Delfina Delettrez ruby skeleton hand bracelet. The movable joints are the best part, obviously!

Not mine to keep, sadly. But there are a bunch of new purchases I want to share when time allows!

EDIT: Almost forgot about this Zara skirt from a while back.

Even though I quite like them, I almost never wear skirts, out of sheer laziness- usually running late/ too tired in the morning to put on tights or look for the right top to go with.

But there’s something so easy and irresistibly appealing about the tulip silhouette and drape of this skirt! Paired with an AA sheer burnout circle scarf draped over a Rick Owens tunic.

a perfect circle

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Logan’s Run (1976) vs. Yohji Yamamoto F/W 09

just a splash

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“What masters of the techniques of living can the youth of today find represented for them cinematically or televisually? Have they anywhere to turn, or has the generalized proletarianisation of production and consumption resulted in a net loss of meaning, information, knowledge, and technique, such that there is no longer anywhere once can find the reasons for living, that is, the will to live, replaced everywhere by idiocy and stupefaction, engendering passivity, misery, immiseration, and fury?”

David Ross, The Cinematic Condition of the Politico-Philosophical Future

It’s already been established that I’m just plain bad at updating, but this statement encapsulates how I feel about…everything right now. But this isn’t the place to dump my ennui, so moving on…

I was quite drawn to the pops of red in these pieces:

Helmut Lang S/S 2010 features several pieces with this sinisterly beautiful print reminiscent of a large blood stains: not a freshly spilled crimson, but an oxidized rust.

I absolutely love the poppy and twig prints seen on these silk pieces from the Brian Reyes Resort 2010 collection. Can’t tell if they are illustrations or digitally rendered from a photograph, but they are gorgeous regardless!

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it was cunning it was done with style

Posted in review by burnthesebones on 10/02/2009

First order of business…congrats to Gracekat on winning the giveaway!


As we know, today was the launch of the highly anticipated +J line at Uniqlo. I had set my alarm to go off early but somehow jolted awake an hour later than scheduled and when I finally arrived, my heart sank- the line nearly went around the block. Don’t any of these people have jobs???

I had the advantage of knowing exactly what I wanted to get but I had a hard time finding them in the right color and size combinations, as much of the stock was depleted already, though it was only a few hours after the doors had opened.

What I tried on:

This long coat would have fit impeccably had I been able to find one in my size, otherwise it was perfect. Same goes for the shirt underneath, with Jil’s signature collar. Wish I could explain the details of the shirt that make it so well-constructed.


Would have snapped this up but I couldn’t find it in black. I’m particular about the way jackets fit- I like them to fit really snug and cut razor sharp, with high-set armholes. And sleeves always tend to be too long for my arms, but not these! They were the perfect length


In the end, I met the two pieces halfway and got this long wool blazer. Love the ever so slightly nipped waist. They were all made of this soft, lightweight yet substantial wool blend, not cheap, thin or scratchy at all. (PLEASE bear with me…having serious camera issues right now, even the DSLR is on the fritz.)

-3 longblz

In honor of the occasion, I decided to break out my new (old?) Jil Sander collection boots from fall 2007. Bought them last month for something like 85% off!

Library - 34

Last 12 Months - 32

After thinking it over for a bit and looking through my closet, I’m seriously considering exchanging the long blazer for the short one as I don’t have many jackets that length. Impulse is also a factor here as I’m increasingly drawn to the details of the former…the slanted pocket for example. Guess I’m headed back there…

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dead like me

Posted in backstage, life by burnthesebones on 09/22/2009

Hell week is finally over (for me, at least) and now it will be a jolly old time recovering and trying to catch up on my readings and assignments for school. Should admit that I’ve barely checked out out any of the collections but from what little that’s been seen so far…not too compelled to look any further. I’m not quite twenty years old yet, and have nearly NO stamina at all- even fainted at one point during the week..whether due to malnutrition or lack of sleep, not sure?

Sadly these are the very few images I have to share (time to invest in a pocket sized camera or learn to be quicker with the phone).

Taken at the Rodarte show (that was some trip, let me tell you…)


The uber-brilliant stylist Panos Yiapanis wearing Givenchy tartan breeches, and Courtney Love (lol) sporting a Rodarte cobweb knit cardigan!

Close-up of the Givenchy courtesy of Jak and Jil.


This is an awful picture, but I loved this woman’s outfit. The pairing of the soft candy pink cardigan with the long floral print dress and the infamous Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandals is so unexpected and striking but it works so well! She also had a washed gray bucket bag with domed studs on the bottom (Alexander Wang?) slung over her shoulder that complemented the ensemble perfectly.

And I just spotted this on Style.com via Jak and Jil (once again):


The constantly inspirational Taylor Tomasi. Can’t get enough of her. I’ve never considered those plum Ann Demeulemeester sandals even after seeing them in the flesh, until now…

And this has nothing to do with the rest of this entry but for those who watched the VMA awards and caught Lady Gaga’s epic performance:


The bloodied outfit, put on display in a Plexiglass vitrine the next day for her admirers to enjoy…

Be on the lookout for a fashion week giveaway to be posted in the next few days!

treble in trouble

Posted in backstage, life by burnthesebones on 09/09/2009

As fashion week approaches, it becomes critical time for the many bloggers, who put their new-found determination of legitimacy and industry relevance to the test. Looking forwards to seeing your coverage of this hectic time!

Especially since I won’t be able to extensively cover the madness on here. And I won’t even have time to look at the collections until it’s all over.

I’ve already been helping out with the production efforts of several highly anticipated events or the past few weeks. Going straight from class to the office everyday with little time or energy for anything else, so this week will be chaotic/stressful x 100 and my most highly anticipated event will be a good night’s sleep.

Will be heading “underground” while others enjoy themselves observe the hustle and bustle of it all from a spectator’s point of view…I’m envious of this perspective, which I haven’t really experienced yet- I’ve always worked behind the scenes and can’t seem to break away from that. Sometimes I really have a crisis and ask, “What am I doing with my life and why should I give the slightest modicum of concern for these smug, self-entitled people?” and “I’d rather be dead than here!” But in the end, it can be quite fulfilling to proudly look back to something you worked hard on and put so much time and energy into.


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